Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Roman and my growing body

Poor guy. Roman is having a hard time cuddling with me already, what with the "don't stick your elbow there!" "Don't bash your head into Mama's belly!" and last night's favorite, which almost made me toss him out of his bed because it was so tender, "will you STOP bouncing your head against my breasts!"

While most of the unpleasantness has gone away (nausea, feeling like I'm in a fog, constant hunger) some things have remained or gotten worse (breast soreness, every-three-hours hunger, having no memory whatsoever). I am officially in my 13th week. I have identified 2 dress shirts I can already no longer wear, and my t-shirts are pretty much a joke - not because of my belly yet, but my breasts are so much larger that my shirts are either too short, or too snug. So I've already worn a maternity shirt (ahh... length and room!) and after trying on 2 different tops today, finally to go with the long drape-y one, I think it's time to buy a couple more maternity shirts. Sweaters I think I'm okay with.... it's this in-between weather that makes things difficult. Pants-wise, I just use a safety pin or what have you, and away I go.

I have developed quite a belly in the last couple years anyway, thanks to Ben & Jerry & highly processed "warm and go" dinners. So while I am just 13 weeks along, my belly (to me) looks more like 4 or 5 months along. A lady at church laughed and said no, not really - maybe 3-1/2 to 4 months. Roman confirmed this last night. He was brushing teeth and I was half admiring, half irritated with my belly that I can't suck in anymore. I showed it to Roman, who said with wide eyes, "it's halfway big already!" After we talked about that a minute, Roman said, "turn around." I did, curious, until he blurted out "...and your butt's getting bigger, too!" I had to laugh. Then complain to Doug that I'm on my way to being a beached whale.

Thoughts for today: It's International "Talk Like A Pirate" Day. And the cats are going to heaven at 4:45pm this afternoon.


Cat Hoemke said...

In all the excitment I forgot about your kitties. :(
It's important to get as many emotional highs and lows in while pregnant I think. Take care of yourself and have Doug and Roman give you a big hug tonight.

Sheryl said...

Yes- what Cat said.:) Take care of yourself!
And just think all the kitties can play and romp in heaven together- Sigma, Monroe, Tuffy and now the hobbits. *tear*:)

Amy said...

I told the dr. to forgive me, I was 3 months pregnant and highly emotional anyway. I bawled beforehand, held it in until each one finally passed (I stayed in the room), and bawled again right after. But we made the right choice for us.