Thursday, September 27, 2007

Plus-size and pregnant

I'll admit it. I've got a big butt. Big thighs, too, which is why I buy "women's" sizes instead of "misses." Much more comfortable, roomy, doesn't cut off blood flow when you've had a meal. Anyway...
As my identically-pregnant friend has put it on her blog, you can't find plus-size maternity anywhere in real life. Only on the Internet, where you have to guess at what size might be right. And one size from JCP is not the equivalent size at Old Navy, I've found. Not to even mention Motherhood Maternity, which charges $40 for every shirt. And, don't forget plus-size also means plus-a-few-more-dollars. Usually $5.

So I've struggled with my weight anyway. I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers before we traveled to Russia in 2004, and gained it all back within a year... then plus a bit more. I think I'm probably the only adopter who gained weight in Russia. It's been hard enough to find regular clothes that fit over the past year without wholly turning my closet over to Lane Bryant, although Oprah tells me in my head that "it isn't size, it's how you look in the clothes."

So imagine now having to turn to maternity clothes, which are roomier anyway, and having to purchase everything online because they are "specialty" items. I can't walk in a store and buy a shirt off the rack - I have to wait to make the purchase worth the shipping. Worse, if the shirt doesn't fit (thanks, Old Navy, for being inconsistent in your sizing), I have to send it back and pay shipping. And look for a bra that doesn't leave elastic-burn marks around my middle? Online again, please. I've tried Target, JCP, Sears, & Kohl's with no luck.

One benefit of all this, however, is that I have 2 women at school who have offered to loan me clothes. Cuz I'm in the other pickle, which is - this is the one-and-only child I'm birthing, therefore I don't want to buy too many clothes. I received my first bag of lenders a couple days ago, but only 1 pair of pants fit - everything else too small. Which is good, I guess, because now I know I need the next size up (make that plus-size!) immediately. And goodness knows what's going to happen at the end of this pregnancy - both women told me I'll be the next size up by the time I give birth, unless I opt for sweatpants for the last 8 weeks.

On yet another good note, however, is that they both also told me they continued to wear their "early" maternity clothes 3-6 months after the birth of the baby, just cuz they were so darn comfortable. One admitted she still wears her maternity jeans on "fat" days. So I'm trying to convince Doug that he's actually just adding to my wardrobe, which will extend into late next year!


Nicole Kragt said...

I have clothes for you!!!!

And look at Ebay - I got almost ALL of my maternity clothes from there!

Cat Hoemke said...

I was thinking about giving eBay a shot too once I figured out my size. I ordered 4 shirts and two pairs of jeans from JCP and Old Navy to find out what that acutally is (2xL or not 2xL, that is the question!) and then try and get some deals on ebay.

Re: Bras - I'm thinking about going and getting a professional fitting now, though I'm hearing from my maternal friends that you really don't need a nursing/maternity bra until the third trimester. (because the size will go up again) I've read that its good to get a good fitting bra so that you have ample diaphragm support. This also means finding someone who is competent, which probably means a boutique store. (read pricey) i'll let you know if I find anything.

also - you were right. ON jeans at least were much larger than I thought they would be. I think the XXL is equalling out to 22w at JCP. Sorry to hear they are being dumb about their sizing. :/