Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm creating life, here!

We had a special treat today of Grandparents VE offering to take Roman for the night. I chose to spend the day doing very little work, a little shopping, and a lot of watching t.v. Doug changed oil on one of the cars, mowed the lawn, & seeded and fertilized the yard. Rebekka did laundry all day, cleaning every thread of cotton she owns, I think. So as we were reflecting on day at dinner, Doug says, "well, I think we all got a lot accomplished." I piped up that perhaps I was a little lazy, but then said... "Hey, I was VERY busy. I'm growing a life over here!" Doug and Rebekka laughed, and Doug said, "Well, maybe you divided a few cells..." Too funny.

Tummy update: Just about grown out of one of my dress pants, and my jeans that used to be slightly baggy in the tummy/waist are now tight. Have graduated to wearing all my XL t-shirts that used to be roomy. Problem with those, is that they either advertise bands I've seen in concert or the Corner Bar in Kalamazoo. Heh.

Life without the kitties is less stressful, but we sure do miss them. We find ourselves still thinking they're in the house, then remembering. I had a very hard time putting Roman to bed the last couple nights, because when I sit next to his bed to sing, Pippen always came in for a rubdown. I sure miss them.

Last bit of sad news, I received word that a former student of mine took her own life on Wednesday night. I guess it's a "rite of passage" that every teacher goes through, but it sure was upsetting.

I leave you with some funny Romanisms - questions he has asked this week in the car. Funny where his mind goes sometimes. Remember, these are "out of the blue" questions he just out and asked:
"What is a sno-cone?"
"Is chicken meat?"
"Why do cars go fast?"
"Why is your school a no-hugging school?" (he heard me say that to a couple kids)

His little brain just soaks up so much!

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