Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back from San Francisco

We all had a vacation, and we all came back somewhat refreshed. Roman spent 5 days with my parents, Rebekka spent 5 days with her family, and we spent 5 days in SF with Doug's family. So everyone was happy. We missed Ro like crazy, worried about Rebekka, but still ended up having a very good time!
We did Napa and hit 5 wineries, took a trolley "bus" tour, visited Alcatraz, and did some shopping both in the "high end" district & in Chinatown. Had some amazing meals, too. Even a 3-hour time change got us this time, however... we must be getting old.

Posted all my pictures over at Snapfish. Email me if I didn't send you the link to see them.

Riding a trolley car tour

Waiting for my prison supplies at Alcatraz

Checking our course on the Pampanito submarine

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