Friday, August 24, 2007

Another funny Roman thing; and a pic of Rebekka!

I did forget a funny thing he said in the car. Roman kept trying to roll down the window in the car. When we asked him why he had to have it down on the highway, he said "I need some fresh country air!" Too funny!

I've attached a picture of Rebekka to the bottom of the post, although she doesn't look quite like this now. She had an appt. at a salon today (for free) and got herself a new hairstyle and some more natural-looking blonder highlights. Got herself some bangs and everything!

It's been quite exciting around here the past two days due to the big thunderstorms. The civil siren went off both last night and tonight. Here they are very anxious; they set off that stupid horn just for "severe thunderstorms." On the west side, I don't think they ever use them except for high winds or tornadoes/water spouts. Here, now, I've heard it 3 times in six years. I don't believe I ever heard it living on the coast. Anyway, we headed to the basement last night with Roman quite scared but he eventually calmed down. Tonight we heard it briefly but decided to stay upstairs. It was a heck of a storm, but everything's fine - and power only flickered.

This weekend's a relaxing one. Our dryer died so they're coming to look at it in the morning. Rebekka is having a friend over in the afternoon. And I think after church, Sunday afternoon is movie day - Doug and Rebekka to the see The Simpsons, Roman and I to see Mr. Bean's Holiday.

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