Thursday, August 02, 2007

all the parts of an adoption

Today, finally, FINALLY... we applied for Roman's "delayed registration of foreign birth." Meaning, he can have a Michigan-looking birth certificate. We should have done this when we first got back, but we had to go downtown Detroit, Doug had to take a day off, etc., etc... and the months flew by.

So we turned in the paperwork today at 1:30. When the cert. arrives in the mail, we can apply for his American passport, just like all the other millions of citizens who have to do it before 2008. But this really is the last step of the adoption... before he's 18 and has to (hopefully) give up his Russian citizenship.

Otherwise, all is well here. Learning each other's schedules, habits, tastes. It's weird not having any time to myself at ALL now. Usually I would have Roman's rest time, or when he was at preschool... but not anymore! And talk about taxi driving... Rebekka was still going back for art classes to finish some things, so I'd take her out there, drop Roman at VBS (which he's having a great time, by the way), then pick her up, and then pick Roman up... get lunch... whew! I'm actually looking forward to school starting!

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