Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We met the girl...

She can't go by "the girl" any longer. Her name is Rebecca. We had our first meeting tonight with her, about an hour. We both took an instant liking to her - and both secretly wish this wasn't a 90-day placement! She came in and introductions were made. Roman and I gave her the tour of the house, and she was very quiet, soaking it all in. When we went downstairs she asked me a couple questions about teaching. Roman was great at filling in the gaps, showing her Star Wars characters, bouncing on his bed, etc.

Back upstairs, Sarah (the social worker) said "Well, why don't you start off giving them some background on why you are here today." Rebecca was clearly nervous about telling us this, did not make eye contact. Then she had written a list of questions she had for us, which were very good and well thought out. There was no awkward silence during the visit, which is good.

Arrangements were made for a longer visit this coming Tuesday; she will be brought to our house around 2pm, and picked up around 7pm, so she can spend more time with us and get a feel for our "routine." If all goes well, and both sides agree on Wednesday in separate conversations with Sarah, then she will join our household for 90 days on Thursday. Yup, that quick. We really liked her and can't wait to see her gain some steadiness and support in her life.

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Cat Hoemke said...

congratulations. It sounds like it will be a good fit. I've recently had an encounter with a 13-ish girl and have found it good (and a little odd) to possibly be considered a role model for someone. As a teacher you probably get that all the time.

Hang in there! I think this is a great thing you are doing.