Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We expand tomorrow

Tonight has been busy, putting the burgundy room together as Rebecca's room. The futon was moved downstairs, and a Monday night shopping spree at IKEA got us the basics - bed, beside table, mattress, bedside lamp, linens, a mirror, etc. Roman got some things out of it too, because we didn't want him to feel left out -and because it's time to upgrade him into "young kid" stage from the nursery colors. Roman chose to make his room a castle. Weird, huh? We totally thought he was going to go for the outer space idea. But he was taken with the dragons and the flickering torch lamp (which I now want a dozen lining my hallway). So he got a new carpet, the flickering torch lamp, and some shelves that hang for lightweight "treasures." I'm thinking of designing a banner for him to hang on the wall.

Rebecca arrives officially at 3pm tomorrow. There will be a roundtable discussion of her expectations both at our house, and through her outpatient counseling. She doesn't start her counseling until Tuesday, however, giving us a few days to all "settle in."

Will update as it goes... we're both pretty tired, having stayed up until 2am Monday night to finish the seventh Harry Potter book. And tomorrow is a pretty big adjustment day.

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