Monday, July 09, 2007

Thunder Over Michigan!

The name itself oozes excitement, doesn't it? Our family went to the air show on Sunday hosted by the Yankee Air Museum. I went to an air show once in Kalamazoo, but Doug (and obviously, Roman) had never been. We met up with some friends when we got there, who are plane enthusiasts and have been going for years. IT WAS AWESOME!! As we pulled into line to pay the gate fee, an F-16 "Fighting Falcon" was having its fun blasting around. I think we all got neck cramps trying to see out the windows watching it shoot straight up into the sky, do loop-de-loops, and all kinds of cool stuff.

As we parked, the F-16 then escorted 3 P-51 Mustangs around the airfield. As with any WWII aircraft, I got tears in my eyes - I've never seen a P51 fly before. How very cool. You can see the whole schedule of events that we saw if you click here. We walked around the static displays and Roman fell in love with the "shark plane," a P-40 painted with big scary teeth. There was also a Russian MiG, various other WWII fighters, and lots and lots of B25 Mitchell bombers. In fact, they were flying 15 of them; that's 1/3 of the entire able-to-fly B25s in the WORLD.

The air show ended with a fantastic show by the Blue Angels. I found a 9 minute clip of their show on YouTube if you want to see it. It was awesome. Of course, it was also about 90 degrees but luckily there was lots of wind, both from the planes & just because it's such a flat area. And Roman has decided maybe he wants to be in the Air Force now. He was adorable, we bought him a little metal plane (F-14) and as the Blue Angels performed, he had his jet do all the tricks that he was seeing them do. Really cute.

Roman intently following the Blue Angels' aerial tricks.

5 of the 15 B25 Mitchell bombers

The P40 "Shark Plane"

The movie-plane "Memphis Belle," a B17 Flying Fortress. The actual one is in restoration at the Air Force Museum in Ohio. Roman loved the gun.

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