Sunday, July 15, 2007


I don't know what it's like for all teachers, I can only attest to the ones I work with. We joke about our summers and how by the time we decompress from the previous school year, and start to gear up for the next school year, we have, like, a month of summer. I write this because I am going to give you a sneak peek into my teacher's brain.

When do teachers start thinking about the next school year? Well, for one coworker it's July 5. He says he gets bored after that and wants to go back and teach. Another teacher says its August 1st, because it's the month we have to report back. For me, it begins in small amounts. Last week, for instance, I was on the computer and a thought came to me out of the blue - "I should probably start cleaning up and updating my parent letter." Then I thought, "Egads! I still have a couple weeks." So I put it out of my mind. Then a coworker called a couple days after and casually mentioned she was thinking of stopping in to school, "just to poke around the classroom and see what's going on." And I thought, I want to, too! But I had shoved the thought away again.

Until today. We were driving home from camping (a 3-hour drive) and my mind was wandering, and I began to think about school again. This time, it was things I might want for the classroom - office-supply-wise. I love shopping at office supply stores. I love school supplies. I love file folders, labels, highlighters, binder clips, and especially Post-It notes in multiple colors. Honestly, you want to make me grin from ear to ear, the best present EVER would be Haribo gummy bears, Post-It notes, and some binder clips in one box. Nirvana! But I digress...

Soon, within a couple weeks, my mind will begin to converge the three random thoughts.... visit the classroom, go school-supply shopping, update the parent letter... and I'll be back into teacher-mode again.

Time elapsed from when I stopped thinking about school, until I had my first thought about the new school year? Approximately 24 days.

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