Friday, July 27, 2007

Off to a good start

Rebekka has been here for 24 hours now, and all is going well. She has homework of making out a schedule of her days, so that's been easy to do for the next few days. A large grocery shopping excursion was accomplished today at Meijer and we're all much happier now that snacks and real meal ingredients are back in the house.

Tomorrow is the first Saturday I'll be home since June 16. Amazing, isn't it? But clothes shopping is on the agenda for Rebekka, so that will be fun. She's a typical teenager - a ton of hygiene products (as she calls them), lotions, etc. She's happily downloading music on my old computer as she has lost a lot of the CDs she used to have. And she made a trip to the library already and came back with a great book. So things are settling in... next week Roman is in VBS all week and so is home EVERY afternoon. May have to take a trip to the local pool, as Reb. has been asking about that as well. We'll see!


Nicole said...

Glad to hear things are going well!

Sheryl said...

YAY for new teenagery experiences. Enjoy:)!