Wednesday, July 11, 2007

new people in my life

The past 3 days has brought an interesting twist. First (and brief) was the announcement that a new principal has been selected for my school. It's the guy I had been hoping for, not knowing the out-of-district candidates, so I am pleased with that. I actually met him my first day working for the district as a substitute, and know his wife as she's a social studies teacher at one of the high schools. So things are positive on that front. Here's to hoping our VP decides to take a leave of some sort, and we can get some discipline going too. Or maybe the new principal will force some changes on that front... one can hope.

Next, is that we've got a teenager on the horizon. Got a call Monday from Sarah, our social worker. She has the complete opposite situation than what we were expecting - a temporary girl to house. Not that she's a girl temporarily, but that she would be with us hopefully only 90 days. We've decided to say yes, move forward and see what this brings, like a "practice round." We should be receiving her "file" in the next couple days, and there is a meeting with the girl on Friday (not with us) to explain the proposition of her living with us temporarily. If she agrees to moving forward as well, an initial visit will be scheduled. We should hear Friday afternoon or Monday.

This has prompted us to finally do the necessary household work of getting the third bedroom ready for full-time occupancy. This also, long story, involved rearranging the basement, but I'd been thinking about it for awhile so I am quite happy to try a different arrangement. So if all moves ahead next week with a meeting, then it's off to IKEA to buy a basic bed, nightstand... I thought of a couple other things that are necessary. We already had a bookshelf in there, and are putting the desk in there as well (that was in storage). No dresser, the closet has an organizer in it so it's not necessary. Anyway...

Roman is pretty good about it. He was pleased with the idea of a girl, and asked if she'd be as nice as Miss Katie. I said probably, but not to expect her to play all the time; I would still do that. It's the temporary notion that I've found a little more difficult to explain; I said that the girl's parents need to learn how to be a family and practice what families do, and if they can do that, then she will move back home with them. Which is true, for the most part.

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