Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Organizing, cleaning out

My favorite things to do, and that's what's left at work now. I got the happy news 2 days ago that I would have a room - the same room - for the 3 hours I teach next year. Even better, I don't have a homeroom OR sixth hour so I will never have to collect money, pass out permission slips, or be responsible for report cards. Ah, the glories. Seniority has finally worked in my favor, too, because I am sharing my room with another teacher - a full-timer - but I was told that as/if my schedule increases, I will remain in the same room and she will be bumped somewhere else. Again, the beauty.

I don't think anyone can possibly imagine the frustrations and limitations of working from a 3-shelf cart for three years. Not having anywhere to store projects, or colored pencils, or any other supplies. Forgetting things in your office and having to run back, sometimes in the middle of class, to get it. Writing yourself notes to do things, and losing them amongst your files. It's a wonder I haven't lost more assignments.

The room I will have has its pros and cons. It's the largest room in the building. It is an old art room, so it has 2 sinks, an eyewash station, and storage like you wouldn't believe. Shelves upon drawers upon cupboards. It has a great view of the playground. It's awkwardly-shaped, though, a rectangle - difficult to teach and arrange things with a teacher's desk. It does have a door to the outside, and it's one of the closest to the new parking lot we're getting this summer. However, I'm also farthest away from... just about everything and everyone else. It's the dreaded "D" wing. I'll get a whole lot done, let's just say, because absolutely NO ONE will come visit. But that also includes administration!

So to prepare for the move, I am cleaning out again. Not like I have that much anyway, having 2 shelves and a filing cabinet to my name. Went through all my files today and recycled, rearranged, and organized. Moved all my binders down there already. Packed up my desk drawers, too. Tomorrow is a half-day so I will spend the couple hours in the afternoon moving and labeling things in my new room for keeping. I also get to reclaim a podium that I lent out 3 years ago, which pleases me. I also get a "real" desk (with drawers that hold file folders!) and not an old wooden one that I've been dealing with for 3 years. I just couldn't be more pleased. And those boxes in our storage unit... I finally get to unpack those and bring back books, posters, and other fun things that I've missed. I get to decorate a bulletin board again. Life just couldn't be happier right now. Unless, of course, it was Friday afternoon and school was officially over!

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