Monday, June 18, 2007

Organizing and throwing away, part two

Taking a break currently from my newest cleaning-out job - the cupboards and filing cabinet of my desk area in the basement. I haven't opened a file drawer, except to dump my paystubs, in about 18 months. I haven't cleaned out the cupboards - just added to them - since I moved my stuff into them in the Fall of 2003. Yes, 2003. I was thinking it's only been a couple years, until you actually put that year down in print.

I have filled a big black garbage bag already; well, not filled, but made it almost too heavy to carry. Pounds of paper are amazing. And old magazines, and just... crap. I have completed my 2 filing cabinet drawers, and my two upper cupboards. Now the real work begins; my scrapbooking corner cupboard (which is deep and holds a LOT), and 2 more regular-sized cupboards. But oh, the accomplishments. And I have found 3 things I had thought were lost forever, so that's exciting.

ROMAN REPORT: He is off to his Baba & Grandpa's today through Wed. morning, for a sleepover with Iris, my niece. On Tuesday they are having their "birthday outing" (had to wait for the weather to get good) to the Windy City. Yup, Chicago. Going to take the electric train in, visit the Aquarium, have lunch, and take the train home again. On Wednesday they have a little class for 4-5-year-olds at Sarett Nature Center on owls, I think. Hence why I'm getting so much cleaning done!

HILLBILLY REPORT: My Dad and I went to the NASCAR race on Sunday at MIS Speedway. Oh man, was it great. Got me excited about racing all over again. We met the nicest people, had darn good seats (a little higher up we could've seen the back stretch, but all corners were viewable and we saw right down into the pits). We sat in turn 4. And man, the noise is AWESOME. Sun was a bit too much, so we left around lap 110. We just baked, no clouds in the sky and very little breeze. But fun nonetheless.

I picked myself a new driver, #25, Casey Mears. I was feeling the stress of not having one - the last 2 I liked both died. Really. #28 Davey Allison in a helicopter crash, and #3 Dale Earnhardt, who died at the end of the Daytona 500 in 2001. But race fans meet & greet with the question, "So, who's your driver?" and I decided I needed a new one. He's young & cute, drives for a good team. I also like the name Casey. So there you have it.

Doug got to the driving range for a couple hours and also did some errands he had been putting off, but he reports that was exactly what he wanted to do on Father's Day - do what he wanted, without wife & kid in tow. :) I completely understand. My Mom & Roman played in his little pool, went hunting for "Crocs" but were not successful. A great day was had by all.

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