Thursday, June 07, 2007


We asked Roman today what he would like for his birthday dinner. It took some coaxing, but we finally got the following menu: Chicken nuggets. Popcorn. Cherries. Cake & ice cream. That's all.

We laughed, but it's actually pretty well-balanced so we'll go ahead and do it. I'll be a baking fool this weekend, between birthday cake and brownies for his treat at preschool. Plus wrap his presents! I'm getting almost as excited as he is!

As for the next addition, we'll call "the teen," things have hit a snag called Wayne County bureaucracy. Our clearance was going to be ready last Friday. Doug arrived to pick it up - the lady had called in sick. It will be ready Monday. So Doug returned Monday (note no phone call - apparently there is no phone number, because when he hit "0" to speak with the operator it disconnected him). Our clearances still weren't ready, and after 20 min. of arguing Doug finally convinced them to do both of our clearances again. But then, he couldn't be given mine. I have to pick it up myself. And Doug's name was spelled wrong anyway. So we both have to go BACK to the FIA office to have them done. Again. I was amused that he could request my background check without ID, but couldn't be given it. Anyway, we are curious to see which route really is easiest - Russia or Wayne County. My money's on Russia in the end.

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