Monday, June 25, 2007

Minor skinned knee... major pansy.

Roman and I had a fabulous day at home today. Lazy morning, one trip to a store, he actually fell asleep at naptime, and played in the pool in the backyard for awhile too. I got a lot of things crossed off my "to do" list and was pretty happy. So there we were, me doing some little things and Roman screwing around, kicking up his feet while his hands were on the footstool, sliding up and off it... the usual boy stuff. And then... disaster!

"Mom, look at me!" He went up on the footstool with his hands, and came down with his right knee directly on top of his plastic water gun on the floor. The thing shattered, cutting his knee in 2 places and giving him a lot of scratches. He fell apart, half upset over the loss of his water gun, half because it hurt so bad and there was BLOOD. I don't believe he has ever really bled before. I tried hard not to laugh, but he was such a drama king about it all.

So we were playing doctor in the bathroom when Daddy got home. Roman crying, me trying to wipe up his cuts, and through it all... Roman tells Daddy through his tears that we made Kool-Aid. Yes, it's the little things that makes a childhood, isn't it?

Well, Roman wanted to be "up up" the rest of the evening, was afraid to walk with his 2 Band-Aids on his knee (well, if they were my cuts I wouldn't have put any on), and kept asking when the hurt would go away. By dinnertime he had forgotten about it. The one other funny thing that occurred was when Daddy said it would be the first of many skinned knees because boys do that, and Roman said - "I want to be a girl!"

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