Thursday, June 28, 2007

Laptop. Dining room.

I am sitting at our dining room table, looking out upon our street and front yard, typing happily away online. Yes, I'm that cool. Installed the wireless "thingy" today so I can now go anywhere in the house and get on the Internet. Things this would be cool for:

In bed. Sick, or whatever. You never know!
Outside, when Roman is playing and I have things to do.
Grad class work, anywhere in the house.
Kitchen, to look stuff up. This happens to me more than you think.
Bathroom! Hee, hee.

So, nothing else new and exciting. Except, did I mention I upgraded to a laptop? Doug found an excellent deal at a store in Garden City that was advertising on I can scrap on Photoshop Elements so much faster now. When I save something, it doesn't take 5 minutes. Really, that's how long it was taking sometimes. Plus, I found that being on a cart, or as next year will be, far away from the printer, I can just type stuff up on this, bring it home, and print it. Won't be dependent on ever-changing computers in 3 different rooms. And with 2 grad classes, I will be doing a lot of typing and research, and can do it "wherever." And lastly, it'll be great to do the lineups for the swim team right there at practice, instead of writing stuff down, and then getting home and calling the other coach because of issues. Hooray for technology!

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