Sunday, June 24, 2007

Island, party, & SIL

Mackinac Island. Went there yesterday with Roman. We're pretty sure he liked the ferry trip the best... "A really fast boat! That goes this fast!" (as he moves his hands and arms as fast as he can). He was a doll all weekend, just such fun to be around. Only had one real disciplinary action to take and that was Saturday night, when all his following-direction patience was gone. Otherwise he played with new friends at the campground, stayed up until 10pm eating marshmallows, and got a new bike. Yes, got a new bike. We got him on the Tigger 12" frame and couldn't stop laughing, it was like he was on a midget-bike. He has grown so much! Since the Big K (formerly known as K-Mart) was just 5 min. up the road, and we had to go there anyway (forgot a pillow!), we went ahead and bought him a 16" Hot Wheels bike.

Mackinac was the same through Doug's and my eyes, but having Roman experience it was no end of fun. The horses, the bikes, the whole atmosphere he found pretty neat. He liked to be in town where the action (and ice cream) was. He also enjoyed pointing out every horse poop pile on the street. Our favorite line came from our tour driver, however -"watch out for puddles. It hasn't rained today."

We had to get up and go this morning, however, because Roman had a birthday party to attend at Build-A-Bear. It was his first birthday party with friends, and so we didn't want him to miss it. He has brought home a brown bear with "Surf's Up" t-shirt & red shorts named Jake. Partly for his friend, and partly because one of the horses was named Jake, which Roman thought was cool. Not funny (I was corrected by the boy), but cool. After the bear building, they all went down to the food court and had one of those huge cookies. Lindsay blew out her candle, opened presents, they all had part of the cookie. Nice and simple, but Roman was ready to go home after that.

Last in news for you, on Friday as we traveled up North we got a call from Tom, who is in charge of the SIL program, or "semi-independent living," at Growth Works. We had gotten our police clearances this past Tuesday and so are ready for the next steps. SIL is the program for 16-17 year olds who don't truly meet "foster care" but can't be on their own. Tom is coming to our house Tuesday evening to do his version of the homestudy, talk with us, and have us fill out a few more papers. I think the choice is going to have to come soon on whether we want a 16-17 year old, or hold out for someone younger like 14 or 15. There are pros and cons to both, which I won't go into right now, but which we have debated almost endlessly. So we'll speak with Tom Tuesday and see what he has to say about it.

So just lots of laundry for me to catch up on tomorrow, and also need to shop for a baby shower I'm attending next Sunday. Roman wants to play on "" so I said we could do that. After a few days away, he likes to settle back into his toys at home.

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