Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A 4th birthday

The birthday boy had a wonderful day. He didn't realize it was his birthday - we deliberately neglected to mention it last night. When we told him this morning, his eyes widened with surprise and he breathed, "it is?!" We gave him one gift this morning (a book about pirates that he liked in a store) but he had to wait for the rest until after preschool. He exclaimed over the decorated dining room (streamers in the window, balloons from the chandelier, the works) and said "I love it!"

At preschool we brought brownies, and since Miss Marcie had already planned ice cream as their special treat today, they had a wonderful celebration. Roman reported to me that they sang for him, but then told my mom that they didn't, so who knows. Anyway, as we came home Roman clearly understood the importance of "all about me." He requested to watch Sleeping Beauty & to eat dinner downstairs "because it is my birthday."

Daddy got home about 10 min. after we started the video and immediately the pestering began to open gifts. We did so and Roman was thrilled. He was especially pleased with the X-Wing fighter we got for his "bendy guys" (how he refers to them) Star Wars Galactic Heroes. He also got a new Thomas because his was all scratched up and he was very pleased.

Dinner was thus eaten downstairs, watching a new Thomas video, eating chicken nuggets, popcorn, and cherries as requested. Then we trooped upstairs for cake & ice cream, again vanilla with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. Roman ate the ice cream and frosting, like a good kid would.

He did have a bath and played his "Cars" computer game for a few minutes before bed. Had a hard time falling asleep because of his magical day. Between all the well-wishers who called, too, it was a busy evening! I did take pictures but as I had one last set of papers to grade this evening to get caught up, I didn't get to uploading them in the computer. Maybe tomorrow.

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