Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend of Open Houses

Oh man, what a weekend. We had an Open House on Saturday from 12-3, and today from 1-4. As much as I like going shopping, there's only so much you can do with a husband and child in tow! Results of the Open Houses: 1 person on Saturday who is divorcing and wants to move to this neighborhood (a kid goes to the school near us). Today's was better with 4 groups coming through; 1 said he loved it "except it doesn't have a garage".... 1 lady who is trying to sell her condo and is looking to buy a house instead; and a couple who are renting in our neighborhood and want to buy. The fourth was apparently just looking.

We don't think any of these will pan out, although we were pleased with the turnout. Even the lady who ran it said she was surprised. I think we'll give it a week and if we don't get any "returnees" we're going to probably take it off the market. A part of me keeps thinking that summer (and catching the school crowd) is the time to keep it up; however, we're just tired of keeping things picked up and perfect.

Results of the shopping were much more fun. Doug refreshed his wardrobe at Kohl's; we bought an item for Roman's birthday, coming soon; and today we went to IKEA and bought a couple side tables for the living room (12.99! I know!). We (let's be honest - I) have been wanting to rearrange the living room for awhile, switch some things out, move the piano to the dining room... so we did that when we got home. Much cozier. Perhaps I'll post some pictures.

As for Roman's birthday, he has requested vanilla cake with strawberry frosting, topped with Power Rangers. What a silly boy. We're trying to not encourage the whole kicking, punching, fighting, "killing" stuff - he's getting a little carried away - so I may make it Hot Wheels instead.

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