Sunday, May 13, 2007

One decision down...

After a lot of ups and downs, but obviously mostly downs, Doug and I have decided to take our house off the market. We only have a verbal agreement to extend our contract, so we can cut it off with no hard feelings. What finally precipitated this event was me losing both my driver's license and a black sweater within 24 hours. I have no doubt both are tucked away somewhere in the house... put away on many of my "put it in a safe place temporarily" kind of cleanups. Why those two places aren't my wallet & closet, is another blog.

Anyway, we're both feeling all right about the decision. We're tired of living in limbo, with items packed away that we miss, or putting things off "until we move." Of course, since we made that decision on Saturday night, a realtor called to show our house today. And our realtor is trying to get an Open House going for next weekend... but then we're really done. We made a list of things that HAVE to be done, and really that's only three things - refinish the tub, fix the grading in the backyard (or put in drainage of some sort), and paint the burgundy room to make it lighter/brighter.

My mom and I went to the scrapbooking convention for 2 days this year and it was great. We took 2 classes on Friday, and then spent Saturday doing the shopping. While we were there, Doug, Grandpa, and Roman went to the zoo, which made Roman a very happy boy.

One story that occurred this weekend made me so proud. Roman and Grandpa went to McDonald's, and while Roman was playing with a couple other boys, a smaller girl struggled to climb up one of the sections. Roman noticed, climbed back down, and helped the girl up. Isn't that the sweetest thing?

On Thursday I went to a Mother's Day Tea at Roman's preschool. After two cute songs, tea and snacks (including pb& j cut in little triangles), I was presented with a vase that Roman had made (tissue paper on a glass bottle), and a portrait of myself along with an interview that Roman gave about me. He said that I am 5 years old, that I am prettiest when I have a wedding, I like to cook french fries, I always say "we will go to the zoo sometime," and I am funniest when I do knock-knock jokes. I love it!

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