Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The house, or the popup...

Well, we put the house up for sale 6 months ago. And we sold the popup camper this evening.

Since we replaced the camper last Fall with the hybrid, it's just been sitting in our yard, as we figured Spring was the best time to try to sell it. We put it on our local, a free "classifieds" website. Within 6 hours Doug had received 5 emails and 4 phone calls. We had a solid agreement within 10 hours. They picked it up and paid cash this evening. Wow.

If only selling a house could be that easy.... hmmm... on that front, we're meeting with our realtor tomorrow late afternoon to see 3 more houses in the neighborhoods we've targeted, then tell him that we're going to take a couple weeks to "regroup." We may search out another agent, we may let things sit. We'll see.

1 comment:

piscis said...

those pop-ups go quick in mich. I have no idea why! :)