Wednesday, May 30, 2007

clearance for a teenager

Well. After quite a few weeks... nay, months of talking, and backing off, and talking, and definitely doing it!, and talking again... we announced officially this week we're going to take a teenager into our home. Be his guardians.

Anyway, Doug talked to his parents last night, I talked to mine tonight, and then I just sent a letter out to concerned citizens (aka family & friends).

Don't have much else to say at this point since the letter said it all, but we are going tomorrow afternoon to our local FIA (Family Independence Agency) office for our "security clearance" which is really a background check. You'd think if the Russians let us into their country, it'd be good enough, but NOOO.... American bureaucracies. Harumph.

Did I mention we are taking our house off the market? We told our realtor officially today. First we needed a bigger house for the three of us, now we are staying in the smaller house and adding a body. Smart, huh? But the way housing prices just keep dropping and dropping (our 2nd preferred house just dropped another $10,000 - did I mention the one we bid on back in December was flipped? It's gorgeous now - and $35,000 more expensive?!) we're NEVER going to sell at the price we need/want to. So we'll stay here, upgrade a few things (can you say refinished tub?), and focus on the family.

TOTAL SIDE NOTE: I did some research regarding printing my 12x12 digital scrapbook pages. I was paying 2.99 a page through Costco, which I thought was great, but with 33 pages done and having to "paste" them onto 12x18 sheets individually before I could send them to Costco, I had some long evenings ahead of me. I found this website called, which prints on cardstock paper rather than photo paper. I scoured the Internet and couldn't find one bad review, and their 2nd best paper is only $2.00! Plus flat-rate shipping! So I sent all 33 of my layouts to them (they take them as 12x12, no "pasting" necessary) and should get them back in less than a week. I am so excited!
This company also does duplicates of paper books - say you made a gift album with paper and real photos but wanted to have a copy for yourself, or multiple copies for family members - they can make digital versions of your paper book. Very reasonable. I am SO excited.

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