Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another reason to dislike my city

I get so frustrated with this city. There is no way to learn anything that's going on. I check the city website and it's a bunch of links, none of which help me. I search for the topic I want, and it doesn't give me anything accurate. Here's the current example:

Roman's friends at preschool are starting to talk about playing soccer, so Roman has been asking if he can play soccer with them. I explained that we couldn't play in that city (nonresidents pay a LOT) but I would check into our own city. I Googled. I checked the city's website. I checked the Rec Center's magazine. I checked their website. I finally found 2 leagues listed - one sponsored by a group, the other by the YMCA. I checked the YMCA - he's too young by a year (and besides, registration was in January for April-June season). I checked the other group, and its website was so confusing, I couldn't figure out what was going on. So no luck there, I guess.

So then Roman tells me tonight he thinks he'd like to try baseball too. So I did this all over again. I searched for Little Leagues. I checked the Rec Center. I Googled. Finally I got some information that there is a T-ball league but for 5 year olds. So no luck there. Poor Roman wants to (finally) get involved in sports, and I can't find a pee-wee group for him to join!

They do offer Tiny Tiger Karate, so maybe we'll try that this Fall. But speaking of something I mentioned earlier - can you believe I have to register in JANUARY for a Spring league? That competition is too stiff! Can you believe it? January. The stress! I have to write it on next year's calendar already!

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Sheryl said...

If it's any consolation, I went to both softball mtgs in the winter- one in Jan and one in Feb. I couldn't believe it either!! another thought- check the AYSO web site (amer youth Soccer org) for your area.. I bet they have info.