Thursday, May 24, 2007

All about Roman, this time

Roman, Roman, Roman. The boy is really adorable. He is almost 4, as he has taken to telling people recently. In fact, he even told the duck adhesives on our tub tonight, "my birthday is in a few weeks!" Yes, you read that right. The duck adhesives. The kind that stop you from slipping in the shower.

Everything talks now, didn't you know that? Blanky, his stuffed animals, his shoes, the door... anything. And Roman talks to them. And talks. And talks. Sometimes he disciplines them, which is funny. Sometimes he attempts to discipline us, which is funny too. The constant line I hear now is "I'm going to tell on you!" That means he apparently thinks that Daddy will come to his rescue, which is rather backwards - it's more likely me to come to his rescue. Sometimes when Roman gets really mad at one of us, he'll say "you can't come to my birthday!" Once he told Daddy, "you can only come for cake on my birthday, but not cake and ice cream."

Speaking of his birthday, it's on a Tuesday this year, so we get out of having to do a party. He's been asking about having a couple friends over, but we have told him since it's a preschool night it can't happen. I can't remember if I mentioned this earlier, but he wants vanilla cake with strawberry frosting. Daddy and I have finished shopping for his birthday, too. In the past it's been a "Thomas" birthday, now it will be a "Thomas & Star Wars" birthday. He wants a Thomas "with a new coat of paint" because his is all scratched up. So we found a deal at Costco where Thomas comes with a video, and bought that.
We ordered a really cool Star Wars toy off Ebay that was discontinued last year. It fits the "chunky foot" toys called "Galactic Heroes," little Star Wars guys made for 2-5 year olds, that Roman already has a few of. So the toy we got is the X-Wing fighter (with real movie sounds and phrases!) and it came with Luke, R2-D2, and Darth Vader. (personally, I wanted the Millennium Falcon, but it was going for $60-80). Then we bought a Boba Fett action figure, because it's his favorite character. Finally, he will get a "Cars" computer game because the racing game he has now is a little too old for him, and the "Cars" one says 4+ years.

Speaking of vanilla earlier, too, he's a vanilla-flavored freak. He downed 2 yogurt containers today of the french vanilla. He calls it the "flower yogurt" (because there's a flower on the front).

He learned that you can't push people down in soccer the other day, when he did it to his friend Garrett and got a talking-to. Miss Marcie tells me that Roman always cries whenever she has to speak with him, and I think that's good. At least he still has a conscience.

Roman still has a soft, gentle side though. After telling us he was "done with Dora" a couple weeks ago, he decided he did not want her sheets to disappear after all. And the look of excitement on his face when "Cinderella III" came from Netflix today was priceless. It required a popcorn-eating viewing tonight.

This weekend we're doing the Scottish Festival in Alma with my parents, niece & nephew, and Greenfield Village's Civil War Remembrance with some new friends from church. Should be busy and very fun!

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