Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Break recap

On our way to Atlanta we stopped at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. It has two separate buildings for River and Ocean animals. The River building was cool, 5 stories (one big tank) with side exhibits as well. The best part of this stop was in the Ocean exhibit, where Roman and I went face-to-jaws with a very big shark. It swam not 2 feet in front of our faces (luckily, glass in between)!

We arrived at Scott & Serena's Saturday afternoon and just relaxed and caught up with them. It was nice to not be moving! They made a great dinner for us. After church on Easter, we had naps (well, Roman, Scott, and Serena did!) and then went to Stone Mountain. We rode the train around the base of the mountain, walked the park area, then took the sky-tram to the top of the mountain. What a view! What a Confederate monument!

On Monday we had breakfast with Scott, then headed off to Hilton Head, SC to visit Baba & Grandpa. We spent Monday and Tuesday lounging by the pool, playing in the sand by the ocean, and browsing the local shops.

On Wednesday we went to Savannah and did the "hop on/off" bus tour to see the city. I do love seeing the squares. The highlight for Roman (and to be honest, for me) was the Pirates' House restaurant. If you check out the link, be aware - the pictures on the website are much nicer than what we experienced. Apparently they're redecorating - and not for the better. Wednesday night brought an Elvis impersonator at the restaurant across the street from the condo, and Roman was fascinated with him. Kept leaving the table to go watch him sing!

Thursday brought more lounging by the pool and last browsing of stores. Friday we drove, and drove, and drove to Lexington. Saturday brought us to Cincinnati, where we took a break and visited Union Terminal, now 3 museums in one building. We decided to do the Children's Museum as well as the Titanic exhibit. Roman actually told us he liked the Titanic better than the children's area. I think it was the imagination... they set it up really cool. We were given "boarding passes" in line with information about an actual passenger on the Titanic. We were encouraged to "be" that person and at the end, discover if we lived or died. They "mocked up" a convincing entry, hallway, and 1st and 3rd class cabins too... but the biggest stab in my historical gut was when we entered the "reception" room and Captain Smith was there to welcome us aboard. That really did it for me! I suppose that, and the fact that we were touring the exhibit on THE DAY it hit the iceberg - April 14, 95 years previous.

Anyway, my person lived, but Doug and Roman both went down with the ship. Roman totally got into it, pretending to be called "Julius" and even asked about the fate of his "brother and sister" whom he was "traveling" with. He does admit to being very scared in the "iceberg room" which was dark, cold, and noisy. Roman willingly spent 45 minutes in the exhibit, though, which we were mighty impressed with!

We got home late Saturday evening and spent today unpacking, reorganizing, and getting ready to start life again on Monday. I'll post pictures within the next day or two.

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