Friday, April 20, 2007

Brief update

This week adjusting back to "real life" has been a struggle for Roman. Every night he's been Jekyll-and-Hyde, pleasant one minute and falling apart the next. Mostly because he's not getting his way. His need for control has triply increased this week. He also is on a growth spurt again. We finally have been able to realize it - the day or two before, he will eat nothing. Then, for about 4-5 days, he will eat constantly, always complaining of hunger. The other complaint that comes with growth spurts is that his feet hurt. We used to think it was his shoes, bad arches, something like that, but now we've linked it to the spurts. So we just started another one.... Roman was crying uncontrollably this afternoon, partly because it's been a crazy, busy, fun week - partly because his feet REALLY hurt.

School went along with no major disruptions this week, and all my plans fell together. Today we had drama as marijuana was found and the police were called in. I'm not sure why certain administrators tend to be in denial - most teachers in my hallway could have told them that this kid was on drugs; more than that, he's distributing, and I could probably name you 5 suspects of who is purchasing from him. I mean, just look at the kids - there's dumb, and then there's marijuana-dumb. At least experiences in the dorms in college helped me in this way!

Nevertheless, we can't do a darn thing without solid proof, which finally came in the form of a student reporting having seen the actual baggies in his locker. So he's been suspended for 5 days. Another suspension occurred about an hour before that one, this boy having threatened another student. So he's gone for a week, too.

We have another Open House this Sunday, I think we'll go off to the zoo.

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