Saturday, March 31, 2007

Update on our life

Roman calls fudgcicles “fudskizzles”

He keeps asking if it is Spring Break. He knows that means going to a hotel with a pool, and Aunt Serena’s, and Grandpa in a different house!

He wants to move to a new house “with a garage.” Then we were talking about decks while riding in the car, and he said when we buy a new house, Daddy and Grandpa can build a big, BIG deck. I asked him what should they do if the new house already has a deck and Roman replied, “it won’t.”

Roman asks a lot about death and wants to know how old people will be when they die (like me, him, Oma, etc). He asked about Oma dying, and I said it’s okay – she’ll just live with God. He thought about that for a minute, and then said “when Oma’s an angel, will I see her eyes?” I almost cried, it was so sweet.
He went further, of course. He asked about angel’s wings. Do they hurt when we get them? How do we make them work? I answered as best I could, and then he asked my favorite: “how do angels ride in cars with their wings?” I had to keep myself from laughing and crying at the same time. I said that I thought we could fold up our wings close to our bodies and then sit in cars. Roman thought that was probably true. Then he asked, “do angels ride in cars?” I said sure, angels go anywhere so they can watch over us. He was done with the conversation after this, but it sure had me thinking for a long time.

In house news, we have an Open House tomorrow so we took it upon ourselves to do some curb appeal. Instead of shelling out $$ for a railing around the deck (hundreds of dollars) we bought 4 big terra-cotta-like planters and spaced them across the front. Put some flowers in and wow, does it look nice. Put new cypress mulch (wood-chip-like) down around the garden areas and took the side stairs off the deck. While Doug worked there were 4 separate cars that went around the block a few times, one that finally did stop and take a flyer and make another cruise around. Since about 20 flyers have disappeared in the past 2 weeks, we’re feeling pretty hopeful even though it looks like rain tomorrow!

My swim team is doing great, 4 meets and we've won them all. We had a "potty mouth" problem this past Tuesday but after the head coach lectured them, they were much better Thurs. Next Wed. is the last meet - I'm ready for it to be done this year!

Grad class is going fine. I had a presentation (along with 2 other assignments) due this past Thursday so it made for a busy week. Only one more assignment left (due end of April) and a final. Whew.

Lastly, the cats were allowed upstairs overnight for the first time Thursday night. They had been receiving "supervised" visits but have not bothered with the corner in the living room. It is great to have them around again.

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