Thursday, March 08, 2007

Muddling through

This week was a week of challenges. I found out my schedule for next year, and I've gained only 1 hour - for a total of 4 hours, not 5 which would make me full time. I could gain that hour by August, as teacher schedules always change. But, it would be a challenging schedule - 4 preps with last-hour break, which I hate. So who knows what will happen. My salary will increase, which is nice...

Week two of swimming and the challenges reared their heads. Who picks Roman up, what to have for dinner when I don't get home until 5:45, and a boy who now stays at preschool until 5pm makes for everyone to be tired and cranky. Roman has been asking to stay home and "just play" because he has so little time to do that. By the time we eat dinner, it's 1-1/2 hours, sometimes less, before bedtime. On the plus side, he's falling asleep immediately; on the down side, he's getting up every night and coming in to his sleeping bag in our room. At least he's not getting in our bed anymore...

We're all getting healthier, although Doug suspects he's been partaking of too much coffee in the morning. He's really tired by evening as well, but it could be the stresses of his job that have started taking a toll. Again, there are pluses and minuses - he is really beginning to formulate a plan (and using his Masters degree!) for work.

In less complaining news, we decided to take a vacation for Spring Break. We will be spending a couple days in Atlanta visiting brother VE & his wife; then a few days with my parents, who will be in a condo in Hilton Head. We had held off on making a decision in hopes that there would be some movement on our house; but not so much. And it'll be nice to get away as a family.

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Nicole said...

Do you know what I would give to get home by 5:45?