Sunday, March 18, 2007

God's timing is not OUR timing

Our pastor has been doing a series on Romans, and we're in the "handbook" section now. He calls it, "how to be a Christian without being religious." Which is right up my alley, as many know. Today we covered Romans chapter 12, verses 9-20, the "real love" section as our pastor called it. Well anyway, amidst all that Christian-love talking, Pastor Steve talked about timing. God's timing. And how God's timing is not our timing - in fact, almost always isn't our timing. And while the rest of the sermon was good, this line has stuck with me. Gives comfort. I don't know why more people our age don't "go in" for religion. It sure makes one feel better.

I say this because aside from the house not selling issue, we feel undecided about when/if the next adoption occurs. There are obviously financials to consider, and places, and timing. We had always felt that we'd like a second child when Roman was between 4-6 years old. Based on what we hear timing is like in Russia, we should start the paperwork now for a projected one year wait (or more). Or South America, too, has close to a one-year completion date. And who knows about other countries... we continue to shy away from Russia due to length of time away from home on the second trip, and the time zone changes that we could barely handle the first time, let alone with a child at home already.

And then the U.S. comes out with this announcement on Friday. It's pretty much second only to flat-out banning adoption from Guatemala. So maybe we'll take advice from the line in the sermon - God's timing will happen. And we'll just let it be, for right now. It doesn't feel quite right starting paperwork at this point, desiring to move communities and with me working my way back to full-time employment. So Roman will have to wait for his playmate a little longer.

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