Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's "Russia cold" out there!

One of the days when we were in Russia on our first trip, the temperature was an actual -13 F (that was the high that day). That doesn't include "wind chill." So when it gets really cold here, I'll tell Roman that it's "Russia cold"! And sure enough, it has been almost that cold the last two days. We did cancel school today because of kids at bus stops, and also at the high schools in my district they travel between buildings. Most schools were closed anyway - it was nice to have a day to catch up at home. I did a few things on the computer I had been putting off for weeks, if not months; and also took interior photos of our house to send to our realtor, who is going to put them online.

I haven't done much blogging lately, but it's not because nothing is happening. I am finding it hard to translate Roman's everyday adorableness into stories when they're such fleeting moments. To try to describe to you his cute little prayer at dinner; or how he likes giving kisses right on the lips ("Double kisses" he calls them, because both people kiss at the same time). He is still bananas over his Duplo blocks, and is turning the TV off himself these days in order to play Star Wars or Pirate Boat or Trains.

Tonight after dinner he was sitting in Daddy's lap, and Daddy would puff his cheeks up and Roman would squish them, forcing air out and Daddy making a funny noise. Roman was laughing so hard no noise was coming out, and then peals of high-pitched giggles would ensue. I was laughing just listening to them!

A typical day with Roman will also involve conversations as diverse as how Spiderman came into being, "pooping on your head," going to visit Alek & Ian in South Dakota ("we can just watch a movie on the way there"), and wanting to know if there are monsters in the house (we tell him we bought a monster-free house).

The crowning adorableness, however, was tonight. I was otherwise indisposed and heard Daddy and Roman getting ready for bed. I called out that I'd be there to read a book in a minute, and Roman calls back, "we're playing Go Fish." We've played this a few times with him, going over the rules. When I came into the living room, Roman was beating Daddy by 2 card matches and was so cutely saying "No Daddy! Go Fish!" He did end up beating Daddy but had a great time just playing and matching. I love this age.

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