Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm sick of being sick

It hit me again on Friday. This time it went backwards... cough first, followed by sore throat, THEN came the stuffy/runny nose. Either way it's the same diagnosis - sinus infection. #3 of the school year. Beginning to think I may need to have something done with my sinus cavities.

In the silver lining, I found a new doctor. I have been struggling with the office staff at my primary care's office since... oh... since I began going there. This past Fall I actually started documenting all the issues. Having me sign bizarre acknowledgements (they can't verify my insurance coverage?) to arriving early for an appointment, only to be made to wait 40 minutes (while my dr. was waiting for ME). Once I took Roman in for an ear infection and it took 1-1/2 hours for a tympanogram.

Anyway, I called my dr. office today around 9:45 on my prep to make an appt. I was on hold for 22 minutes when I hung up, no one having answered the phone to make a simple appointment. Unfortunately, this isn't rare. I was steaming. A coworker was in the room at the time and told me to go visit her dr. in my work-downtown. I checked and they took our insurance... so I called. Imagine - someone answered immediately. They were pleasant. They made an appt. for me at 3:45. When I arrived at my appointment, I hadn't even finished my medical sheet when they called me back; I was in and out in 20 minutes.

So I have a new sick-doctor. I think I will still see my "old dr." for larger issues & yearly exams, but when I'm sick and need to see someone fast - these guys are IT.

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