Wednesday, February 28, 2007

half of my destiny is decided.

First, the health issues. I am recovering from my outpatient surgery last week, but have encountered a slight complication that is irritating. Hopefully that can be cleared up in the next day or two. Roman went in for a recheck on Tuesday and dr. heard some crackling. The 3rd x-ray in one week finally revealed pneumonia. Great. So we're scaling back his energy as much as we can. Doug had hoped to earn his own antibiotics, but he was told he'd have to go 10 days feeling rotten before he would be rewarded (including 3 days of yellow nasal mucus). He's on day 5 but reports he's feeling better today.

Swimming started this week, and as of today we had 89 bodies in the pool. That's a lot, we only had 60-some last year. It's good... but it's a lot.

So, on to my destiny. My district, after a failed bond attempt last year, regrouped and put together a new trimmed bond to be voted on yesterday. By survey results residents approved the new trimmed bond by 60-some percent. By voting yesterday, however, the bond failed by 808 votes. So... no new middle school, no expansion of another middle school, and no updated kitchen at my school (among other things). I could go on about how it was "townies" vs. "shippies" and how 1 board member spread nasty rumors to kill it, and how the people have shot themselves in the foot for everything from property values to quality of education.
HOWEVER... this is about me. And all it did was help solidify for us the areas where we are looking for a new house. Because there are certain schools I want to stay away from, which the boundaries would have all been adjusted had the bond passed. But the status quo remains. Long term, we may get some portables at my school...
I mentioned HALF my destiny. Another quarter will be decided tomorrow, approximately 1pm, when I have my yearly checkin with my principal. I have requested to return to work full time next year, and I will be told if that is possible tomorrow - and my schedule will be revealed. I mention that this is a quarter, because my schedule always changes in August. And we may not ever sell our house. But another piece in the puzzle will be settled tomorrow.

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