Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Day of Love

A day of snow and mush, more like it. A snow day today. How'd you like that for timing? Sick day yesterday, snow day today. Why work?! Roman had a very busy Valentine's Day. He so sweetly wished us a happy day first thing this morning. He got lots of cards at preschool (with lots of candy). He received a card with a small amount of $$ from both sets of grandparents, so we're going to put it together and let him buy something for himself at Toys R Us. Next month. :)
After dinner this evening (which included red strawberry-flavored Jello hearts), we went to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. Then Daddy surprised us both with cards (stickers in Roman's!). A very nice day, just the way I like it. A little special, but nothing over the top for a Hallmark day.
I bet I'll have to go to work tomorrow. Oh well, two days and then I'm off for a week. Life's not all bad!


Nicole said...

I'm so sick of people calling it a Hallmark Holiday . . . Sweetest Day is a Hallmark Holiday - Valentine's Day is not. Yes - Hallmark capitalizes on it. But the Parks and Rec dept. capitalizes on Memorial Day and we don't call it a Park and Rec. holiday!

Amy said...

It is not necessary to exchange cards to honor a Catholic martyr's death. Nor is it necessary to purchase flowers, candy, or expensive jewelry to recognize the escape of Christians from Rome's grip.

Therefore, perhaps "Hallmark holiday" is the incorrect usage; but I still feel that while the sentiment is nice, the expectations and accoutrements that are practically forced down people's throats DUE to Hallmark and American Greetings, as well as other businesses - "if I don't have a significant other, it's the worst day of the year!" "If I don't buy her a diamond necklace, she'll think I don't love her!" - create undue pressure and expectations, and are inane and economically driven. Therefore, I do not like the holiday. I feel the same way about Christmas, by the way.

Nor do I go to a Parks and Rec. sponsored anything on Memorial weekend. :)