Friday, February 23, 2007

brief update

You'd think, with a week off for vacation, or "mid-winter break" as they call it around here, I'd have time to update this. But no! After I started getting better from an apparent sinus infection, Roman began his cough... he's on day 4 of antibiotics. My parents visited for a few days and we had a good time while Doug went ice fishing. Then I decided to spend a couple days doing nothing, which is a wonderful thing. And now, my break is practically over!

On the selling-the-house front, we've noticed a slight pickup. Our realtor reports that he has received a phone call asking about our house, and we've seen 2 people this week stop to study the house and pick up a flyer. Doug noticed yesterday, a couple streets over, there was a "sold" sign on a house that had been for sale, and a moving truck in the driveway of another. We take that as a good sign that things are moving in our neighborhood. I believe at least one of those was priced below us, and one was/is a corporate relocation. So we may not sell until later Spring, but we still see it as a good sign.

Tonight, in fact, we're going to look at 3 more houses, this time not in my work-city but in a connected city just South. Would still be a shorter commute and is our second-choice area, but we figured we better have some back-up houses in our head in case the one we want is already sold.

Roman is great as usual!

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