Wednesday, February 28, 2007

half of my destiny is decided.

First, the health issues. I am recovering from my outpatient surgery last week, but have encountered a slight complication that is irritating. Hopefully that can be cleared up in the next day or two. Roman went in for a recheck on Tuesday and dr. heard some crackling. The 3rd x-ray in one week finally revealed pneumonia. Great. So we're scaling back his energy as much as we can. Doug had hoped to earn his own antibiotics, but he was told he'd have to go 10 days feeling rotten before he would be rewarded (including 3 days of yellow nasal mucus). He's on day 5 but reports he's feeling better today.

Swimming started this week, and as of today we had 89 bodies in the pool. That's a lot, we only had 60-some last year. It's good... but it's a lot.

So, on to my destiny. My district, after a failed bond attempt last year, regrouped and put together a new trimmed bond to be voted on yesterday. By survey results residents approved the new trimmed bond by 60-some percent. By voting yesterday, however, the bond failed by 808 votes. So... no new middle school, no expansion of another middle school, and no updated kitchen at my school (among other things). I could go on about how it was "townies" vs. "shippies" and how 1 board member spread nasty rumors to kill it, and how the people have shot themselves in the foot for everything from property values to quality of education.
HOWEVER... this is about me. And all it did was help solidify for us the areas where we are looking for a new house. Because there are certain schools I want to stay away from, which the boundaries would have all been adjusted had the bond passed. But the status quo remains. Long term, we may get some portables at my school...
I mentioned HALF my destiny. Another quarter will be decided tomorrow, approximately 1pm, when I have my yearly checkin with my principal. I have requested to return to work full time next year, and I will be told if that is possible tomorrow - and my schedule will be revealed. I mention that this is a quarter, because my schedule always changes in August. And we may not ever sell our house. But another piece in the puzzle will be settled tomorrow.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A night in the ER

We've been so lucky with Roman - he's only thrown up once in his life, and never had to be rushed to the ER. Until last night. He's been sick but on antibiotics all week. Saturday we decided to make a lazy day at home, and Roman and I both napped. He woke up normal and giggly, but by about 3:30 was complaining of a headache. I gave him Tylenol at 4pm. He actually fell asleep in my arms around 5:30pm which I thought was odd, but he'd been so sick and so busy this week...

We woke him up at 6:15pm to eat dinner. He whined and cried, and actually asked to lay back down. He laid down on the floor and just sort of stared at Daddy and at the ceiling. We ate somewhat quickly, and then Doug checked his temp. Under arm it was 102.8! Oh man, did we pack that boy up quick and get to the ER. They took a rectal and it was 104.1. Can you believe it?! Roman was lethargic and burning up. They did lots of dignity-stealing tests, including taking his blood, doing a nasal swab (where they squirt water up his nose), and a rectal temp two times.

They brought his temp down to 102 within an hour, and 4 hours later when we were ready to leave it was back down to 97.9. Of course, we couldn't leave without poor Roman getting a double-shot (one in each leg) of more antibiotics. That one almost threw me over the edge. I will never forget his look when he awoke, saw the people with needles and cried out, "don't DO THAT!" Doug and I did refuse the lumbar puncture for meningitis.

So, we got home around 11:30pm and went straight to bed. Diagnosis: fever of unspecified origin, most likely viral. Is on another round of antibiotics "just in case." Recheck with regular dr. in two days. And another day today of taking it easy.

Friday, February 23, 2007

brief update

You'd think, with a week off for vacation, or "mid-winter break" as they call it around here, I'd have time to update this. But no! After I started getting better from an apparent sinus infection, Roman began his cough... he's on day 4 of antibiotics. My parents visited for a few days and we had a good time while Doug went ice fishing. Then I decided to spend a couple days doing nothing, which is a wonderful thing. And now, my break is practically over!

On the selling-the-house front, we've noticed a slight pickup. Our realtor reports that he has received a phone call asking about our house, and we've seen 2 people this week stop to study the house and pick up a flyer. Doug noticed yesterday, a couple streets over, there was a "sold" sign on a house that had been for sale, and a moving truck in the driveway of another. We take that as a good sign that things are moving in our neighborhood. I believe at least one of those was priced below us, and one was/is a corporate relocation. So we may not sell until later Spring, but we still see it as a good sign.

Tonight, in fact, we're going to look at 3 more houses, this time not in my work-city but in a connected city just South. Would still be a shorter commute and is our second-choice area, but we figured we better have some back-up houses in our head in case the one we want is already sold.

Roman is great as usual!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Day of Love

A day of snow and mush, more like it. A snow day today. How'd you like that for timing? Sick day yesterday, snow day today. Why work?! Roman had a very busy Valentine's Day. He so sweetly wished us a happy day first thing this morning. He got lots of cards at preschool (with lots of candy). He received a card with a small amount of $$ from both sets of grandparents, so we're going to put it together and let him buy something for himself at Toys R Us. Next month. :)
After dinner this evening (which included red strawberry-flavored Jello hearts), we went to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. Then Daddy surprised us both with cards (stickers in Roman's!). A very nice day, just the way I like it. A little special, but nothing over the top for a Hallmark day.
I bet I'll have to go to work tomorrow. Oh well, two days and then I'm off for a week. Life's not all bad!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm sick of being sick

It hit me again on Friday. This time it went backwards... cough first, followed by sore throat, THEN came the stuffy/runny nose. Either way it's the same diagnosis - sinus infection. #3 of the school year. Beginning to think I may need to have something done with my sinus cavities.

In the silver lining, I found a new doctor. I have been struggling with the office staff at my primary care's office since... oh... since I began going there. This past Fall I actually started documenting all the issues. Having me sign bizarre acknowledgements (they can't verify my insurance coverage?) to arriving early for an appointment, only to be made to wait 40 minutes (while my dr. was waiting for ME). Once I took Roman in for an ear infection and it took 1-1/2 hours for a tympanogram.

Anyway, I called my dr. office today around 9:45 on my prep to make an appt. I was on hold for 22 minutes when I hung up, no one having answered the phone to make a simple appointment. Unfortunately, this isn't rare. I was steaming. A coworker was in the room at the time and told me to go visit her dr. in my work-downtown. I checked and they took our insurance... so I called. Imagine - someone answered immediately. They were pleasant. They made an appt. for me at 3:45. When I arrived at my appointment, I hadn't even finished my medical sheet when they called me back; I was in and out in 20 minutes.

So I have a new sick-doctor. I think I will still see my "old dr." for larger issues & yearly exams, but when I'm sick and need to see someone fast - these guys are IT.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A cute-ism

We put Roman in for quiet time around 12:30. He was so tired, but did his usual singing, talking, coming out of his room, reading, anything possible to not fall asleep. About an hour in after a great round of songs, Roman came to the door and said to Daddy "I have run out of words!" The boy had used up his entire vocabulary trying to keep himself awake! Daddy told him to go back in and be quiet - and Roman was asleep soon after.
And included in this round, some pictures of decorating our Valentine mailbox!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Picking out of the Treasure Box

When I picked Roman up tonight, he came flying across the room with a "Mama! MAMA! I GOT TO PICK OUT OF THE TREASURE BOX!!!!" What an accomplishment for Roman, he is so proud. It has been a long, long time since he's been able to pick a toy. When he was on his behavior modification plan (the 504), he picked because he went 3 days without being obnoxious. But it's been weeks and weeks. Even better, here's why he got to pick, as told by a note from Miss Marcie:

"Roman had a great day today! This morning he let another friend be line leader so that she would stop crying. He was a very good friend. He was also a very good listener today."

Line leader is a big deal - when they leave the Green Room to go to the Yellow Room at 8:30am and start preschool, the line leader - obviously - leads the whole class down. Apparently Roman was picked for line leader and Ella got very upset. Roman simply switched places with her. He told me, "I didn't say anything. I just let her." I told him that I know grownups who aren't that nice, and we were so very proud. He earned an icee (popsicle-like thing) after dinner as well for being such a good friend. He's been awesome the past couple days at preschool, and at home we're hearing a lot less of "farting on your head" comments and such. On a totally unrelated note - did I mention Jake has been sick for two days?!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's "Russia cold" out there!

One of the days when we were in Russia on our first trip, the temperature was an actual -13 F (that was the high that day). That doesn't include "wind chill." So when it gets really cold here, I'll tell Roman that it's "Russia cold"! And sure enough, it has been almost that cold the last two days. We did cancel school today because of kids at bus stops, and also at the high schools in my district they travel between buildings. Most schools were closed anyway - it was nice to have a day to catch up at home. I did a few things on the computer I had been putting off for weeks, if not months; and also took interior photos of our house to send to our realtor, who is going to put them online.

I haven't done much blogging lately, but it's not because nothing is happening. I am finding it hard to translate Roman's everyday adorableness into stories when they're such fleeting moments. To try to describe to you his cute little prayer at dinner; or how he likes giving kisses right on the lips ("Double kisses" he calls them, because both people kiss at the same time). He is still bananas over his Duplo blocks, and is turning the TV off himself these days in order to play Star Wars or Pirate Boat or Trains.

Tonight after dinner he was sitting in Daddy's lap, and Daddy would puff his cheeks up and Roman would squish them, forcing air out and Daddy making a funny noise. Roman was laughing so hard no noise was coming out, and then peals of high-pitched giggles would ensue. I was laughing just listening to them!

A typical day with Roman will also involve conversations as diverse as how Spiderman came into being, "pooping on your head," going to visit Alek & Ian in South Dakota ("we can just watch a movie on the way there"), and wanting to know if there are monsters in the house (we tell him we bought a monster-free house).

The crowning adorableness, however, was tonight. I was otherwise indisposed and heard Daddy and Roman getting ready for bed. I called out that I'd be there to read a book in a minute, and Roman calls back, "we're playing Go Fish." We've played this a few times with him, going over the rules. When I came into the living room, Roman was beating Daddy by 2 card matches and was so cutely saying "No Daddy! Go Fish!" He did end up beating Daddy but had a great time just playing and matching. I love this age.