Tuesday, January 02, 2007

what I've learned about houses

1. Don't paint trim under kitchen cupboards. Ever. It's dirty, it's hard to tape off, and stinks to paint light over dark.
2. Try to limit colors if you think you're going to sell within 5 years. You'll have to repaint, and that is a lot of work.
3. Don't let your husband talk you into doing cupboard doors different than cupboard frames.
4. Get rid of half your furniture and knick-knacks on shelves and tables; then your house will have the right amount of things in it.
5. Rent a storage unit. It's invaluable.
6. If you're going to paint, make sure it's a good TV day.
7. Try not to obsess about how many flyers have been taken from the front yard sign. We've had about 10 taken, but Doug reasons that it's probably 10 neighbors wanting to see how much we're selling for.

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