Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wasn't Christmas enough?!

My sweet, wonderful child. He loves his Daddy so much and wants to be more and more like him. Daddy likes computer games? Roman wants to play computer games. Daddy likes Star Wars? Roman wants to watch Star Wars. Daddy likes Legos? Roman wants to play with Legos.

For Christmas we got him a tub of Legos, the 4+ "regular" kind. Roman has tried hard, but he just doesn't have the finger strength to snap them together. So Doug and I agreed today that we should get him a tub of Duplo blocks instead, which I have seen him play with at preschool. But we didn't imagine the thrill that it would give Roman!

We got home from Target after picking up the Duplos around 4:20pm. Daddy came home at 5:30ish and we were STILL playing Duplos. And it was Roman building, destroying, and building again the entire time. He brought his Duplo zebra to the dinner table, and cried when it was bath time because he wanted to keep playing. He perked up when Daddy agreed to a baby Duplo penguin in the bath. And Roman can't decide which is better about tomorrow - playing with his Duplos some more, or what preschool has scheduled. So with all the gifts Roman got at Christmas, we missed the mark with Legos, but have made it up now.

Preschool, by the way, is doing Jammies & Slippers day. Roman has decided to wear his Thomas pjs. Very important decisions that a 3-year-old has to make. My excitement is going to be a blind date with a house around 4pm that has really intrigued us.

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