Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things are good!

School is going along swimmingly. The only crimp in my daily schedule is the fact that my main route into my work-town is closed once again. For approximately 9 months, I had to take back roads because the highway was under reconstruction. There was a month's reprieve... and now they have closed the road at the level crossing. For those of you who are not initiated into the world of railroads, a level crossing is when a road and train tracks intersect. For the next 22 months the level crossing will become a train bridge, with road underpass. So we have to tack on about 5-10 minutes to our commute once again. Boy, I hope we can sell our house and move to work-town soon!

The cats had been using parts of our house as their own personal litterbox, but that seems to have been stopped by locking them in the basement since Dec. 27th. Here's to hoping they can have trial visitations upstairs again soon.

I've stayed mostly caught up with life this week, even the inevitable grading papers. Grad class starts tomorrow, so we'll see what happens... and swim team is starting to bubble in my brain, with signups in a month and practice starting end of February. So I'm enjoying these last few weeks of minimal paperwork.

Roman is doing excellent, if a little exhausted. It was enlightening to spend time with him over break, because once he began to go to preschool again with all his friends, his mood changed. He was so much fun when getting enough rest - now he's tired and cranky, and falls apart crying at the slightest "miff" to his ideas or his activities. Today he began crying because his movie from NetFlix wasn't in the mailbox when we got home. (He doesn't nap at school). On the other hand, we went to Toys R Us today and I told him I was buying small toys for school, and he was totally fine with that and never asked for a toy to be bought for himself. We are very proud of him.

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