Sunday, January 07, 2007

somewhat successful Open House

Overall it went well. We had 3 separate visitations (which is what we hoped for - 3 or more). The third arrived at 10 to 4pm, when we had already returned, so we pretended to be buyers and left again. It was a young woman with 2 older ladies with her. The somewhat successful part was the middle visitor, a man. He came back three separate times, more interested every time, apparently. He was "asking all the right questions" according to realtor. He will be getting a follow-up call this week from the realtor. So all in all, it was a good start. Realtor recommended having another Open House next month, as Feb. is when things really start to roll.

We did, for the heck of it, look at a house a few streets over that's been for sale for many, many months. They've dropped the price about $20,000. Spacious basement, and if we wanted to stay in the area it'd be great. Now we have to go look for the cats... there's evidence that one of them "freaked" during the Open House; some books knocked over in my office area and phone knocked off the hook. Funny!

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