Sunday, January 21, 2007

Roman can add

The other night at dinner, we were trying to coax Roman to eat the rest of his dinner. "Eat three more pieces," Daddy said. A few minutes later, Daddy said "eat two more pieces." "But that would be FIVE!" said Roman. We just gaped at him. And didn't make him eat the rest.

He's been eating like a garbage truck for the last few days, constantly saying "I'm hungry" or "My head hurts," which usually means he hasn't eaten enough. I made his day today, though, when he found the quarter-slice watermelon in the fridge I had bought at the store. He got a huge grin on his face and came to tell me how much he "just loves" watermelon. On top of that, I decided to make a raspberry Jello salad. He's thrilled, and announced that he cannot wait to eat it for dinner Monday - he will have it for breakfast!

In house news, we're beginning to obsess - and that's not good. We had a call that a realtor wanted to show the house today. We got it all ready, left for the afternoon, but upon our arrival back couldn't find evidence that they'd been there. Of course, this is where the obsessing starts - we were studying the sidewalk and street for tire marks, footprints - a regular CSI crew! Our realtor said he'd call tomorrow with feedback, so we'll be patient. I think there'll be as many ups and downs in this house-selling debacle we're in than adoption!

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