Saturday, January 06, 2007

Open House, round 2

If you're the type that believes everything happens for a reason, then the previous Open House that never happened was meant to 1) get us motivated to get little projects done, and 2) it didn't happen because we weren't done doing the little things.

So now we are scheduled for another Open House tomorrow. We have, officially, done every single thing inside the house that we could do, short of painting the whole darn place "sell-the-house-cream," refinishing the hardwood floors, or putting a ceiling in the basement, none of which we want to do on our dime & sweat. On the outside of the house, we do need to put a railing on the deck. According to building codes, we don't - but aesthetically, we do. So I guess that's next, but it's all "Doug work."

Back to real life on Monday - I return to work, my grad class starts on Thursday, and life begins to slide past much too quickly again. Fingers crossed that we get some people looking at the house tomorrow - weather should be 42 degrees & partly sunny. Makes me think of my compatriots in Colorado - Doug sure wishes we had some of your snow here!

1 comment:

cat said...

He can have it! :)

Good luck with the Open House. You've convinced me never to paint unless we are really sure we will be staying a long time.