Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Interested in dating again.

After a sufficient mourning period of any relationship, you've got to get back out there. Even though your heart may not be fully healed, you can never find love again unless you take a risk. And so, Doug and I are ready to date again. Houses, that is.

We have chosen 5 to take a look at over the next few days. It's not all about looks - we care about what's on the inside. Age doesn't particularly matter either - in fact, the two that intrigue us most are of very disparate ages; one built in 1921, the other built in 1966. And we're looking at all shapes and sizes; from farmhouse, to trilevel, to ranch. They all have some pluses and drawbacks - can we live in an old farmhouse that was last updated in the 1950s? Can we live in a house that has little privacy and is just like my childhood friend's? Or can we stay interested in a house that, besides an odd main room (is it a dining room? formal living room?) has an unfinished basement when we swore we'd never finish another?

But we don't want to stay hooked on the bidded house. While we may find our way back to it and build a permanent relationship, we need to play the field... have "backup," if you will. Now, if only our current house would start an affair of its own...

Along the housing line, I do have to say that searching for a house has brought out two different sides of Doug and I. While we love houses that are ready-to-move-in and tastefully painted/wallpapered, we also are attracted to the older houses with character, where some work of our own would bring out some real class and beauty. Hard to decide which will win out - I guess price and availability. But I think the historic-ness of certain houses makes me long for them, while the fixer-upper projects in the same type of houses make Doug drool; not to mention we both like imagining the (hidden) potential. So we'll see what happens.

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