Monday, January 01, 2007

Hello, 2007!

What to do when Daddy is watching football all day? Sleep. Yup, we let Daddy sleep in until 9am this morning, and then we switched - I went back to bed for 2 hours. I can't believe how tired I've been the past couple days! That's what vacation does for you, I guess. After playtime all morning, we all had a great lunch and Roman had quiet time. While resting, he got a phone call from his cousin Iris! Roman called her back and they had a brief discussion about the movie "Mary Poppins." Too cute.

Once up, Roman and I decided to make cookies. We have "playdoh" dough - it's bright red, yellow, blue, and green sugar-cookie dough. Roman loved using the cookie cutters, and we made two batches of small and large cookies - even a blue dinosaur! We also ran out to the mall to get some "Flowering Herbs" lotion from Bath & Body Works - brought back for a limited time! And finally, Daddy did pitch in today and did 6 loads of laundry. To our pleasant surprise, we discovered that the microfiber covers of our soiled couch (by the kitties) IS machine washable! Hooray!

Our New Year's Eve wasn't very exciting. We watched "Muppet Treasure Island" with Roman but he didn't care much for it. He's more obsessed with Lego Star Wars video shorts that Doug has found on the Internet. After Roman went to bed, Doug and I gave ourselves a special treat - time to ourselves! Doug played Wizardry 8 and I made three 2-page digital scrapbook layouts. About 11:30 we had a snack of tortilla chips and watched Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest. In bed by 12:15am, I think.

Tomorrow, Roman heads back to Red Bell and I get down to "real" work - I have a list of 4 different things I need to accomplish for school, plus paint the cupboard frames in the kitchen. Hope everyone had a good start to their 2007! Oh, by the way, I posted all the scrapbook pages I worked on. Click on the "Photos of our Adventures" under "Links" to the right - or click right here!

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