Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Exciting world of Roman

Roman is, at this moment, playing upstairs with his friend Garrett. It took a little to settle themselves in, but I alternately hear doggie barking, crashing cars, and giggling. We had a reminder of Roman’s temper on Monday night when he refused to go to bed. Every time Daddy put him down, he was up. Always excuses. I tried putting him to bed… up again. Every time we put him back into his bed, he cried louder and louder. Finally I said to Doug, “Very soon he’s going to stop crying and get angry. Get ready!” Not 5 minutes later, Roman started demanding “Get in here Daddy! NOW!” Daddy didn’t move. Then came the loud frustrated growl in the throat, “Eerrrrrr!” Then more yelling, to the point his voice was beginning to get hoarse – “Daddy! DADDY! YOU GET IN HERE!” This was all with the door closed, luckily, because we were laughing so hard we couldn’t catch a breath!

Things finally settled down that night, but he is fighting bedtime every night. He is exhausted but just doesn’t want to sleep, but it’s no fun with a kid who fights against the time, his jammies, brushing teeth, his book, and us leaving his room.

I know it’s the age he’s at, but Roman is intensely fascinated with his own life story. Every night for the last couple weeks he has passed on a song in bed in favor of a “one day story” about when he was a baby. We started with the day we brought him out of the Baby Home, and ended a few nights later with arriving in the US. But he wasn’t satisfied with that, so the last couple times I put him to bed he has asked for more “when I was little” stories. It’s been fun to share them with him. He does appear interested in knowing about Russia – we have a book called “The First 1001 Words in Russian” – it’s a picture book with the Russian word, and then how to pronounce it underneath. He likes to try to repeat some of the words, probably because they sound so silly!

Later… now it’s evening, and we’re winding down for bed. I had to add this, because Roman and his Daddy are on the Internet, looking at pictures of steam locomotives. Roman hasn’t said “choo-choo” in awhile, it’s always “train” or “engine” – but now he’s trying to say the very difficult word “locomotive.” It doesn’t come out right, but he doesn’t give up. Daddy has Google-imaged “steam engines” and Roman points to every picture, saying “Let’s see that!” followed by “what’s that called?” He absorbs everything train.

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