Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Darn that state of Michigan!

So nice of the Dept. of Education. They finally aligned with the real world, realizing that there are middle schools of 6-8 grades instead of junior highs of 7 & 8. Effective immediately (as of November 2006) they adjusted teacher certifications to match schools, and "grandfathered" those of us who didn't align.

Basically, all this jibberty-jabberty means I am now highly qualified to teach sixth grade. ACK! I was certified 7-12 for a reason! Now the greatest fear... I am able to go full time next year because I'll be assigned a sixth grade elective. I can think of nothing worse... unless, as we joked at school today, my sixth grade elective is "Training to Be a 7th grader that Teachers Won't Despise."

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