Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the color "cream"

Call it what you will - Durango Dust in the kitchen, Sweet Nectar in the bathroom - our house is becoming "cream" again. It's a funny color. We bought this house partially because it was so open and bright - the whole darn thing had been power-painted cream. And then we couldn't wait to get rid of it and add some color. And now that we're selling, once again we're "neutralizing" some areas by painting it... cream.

My morning consisted of a coat of Kilz on the upper cabinet frames in the kitchen, and two coats of Kilz over the beautiful red we had in the bathroom. Then, 2 coats of Durango Dust on the cabinets, and I quit for lunch. Doug is going to put coat one of Sweet Nectar in the bathroom tonight, and I will finish up tomorrow or Friday (depending on drying capabilities). Two more things I have learned about painting:
1. Kilz is the best invention ever. Covers dark colors, dries quickly, and gives paint something to stick to in high-traffic areas.
2. I will never, ever again purchase paint in metal cans. From now on, it's twist-tops, baby!

I also spent an hour pressing "redial" to finish up my father's Xmas gift, which is two tickets to the NASCAR race in June. Got through finally and secured them. This afternoon I spent doing 2 quick scrapbook pages, and digitally laying out pictures for 6 more pages to complete later. I just love this digital thing. I'm getting better at figuring out size on the screen vs. size in real life. But, now it's off to get the boy and buy him another pair of shoes. He only has one pair, aside from his snow boots, and we've learned from experience that one pair just isn't enough - especially when you leave the snow boots at someone else's house!

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