Friday, January 26, 2007

The *almost* end of the adoption.

We had our last post-placement meeting with Nancy today. This is what is required for Russian adoptions; reports & pictures at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years post-placement. We've had Roman close to 3 years now - can you believe it?! I had "Records Day" today so no kids; I picked Roman up at 12:15 and we met Daddy at home, then had a quick lunch at McDonald's before we got to Nancy's office. The meeting went fine, and Roman even answered a few questions. It was leaving that finally got me, however - it's done. No more reports to Russia. No paperwork connection to Russia anymore. No reason to stay connected with the agency. We don't have to "jump" if Russia calls. In my mind, the adoption is over.

Now, we still have to get it to Lansing to get apostilled, and Doug and I are planning on taking a half day to do it together, and having a short celebratory lunch afterward. But I had been treating today's appointment much like the others - a hoop to get through again. But this one had a finality to it, and my emotional reaction took me by surprise.

In house news, we're going to have a couple houses lined up for us at the beginning of the week; meanwhile, we've been asked if we're willing to do another Open House on Sunday. We decided that if there's a realtor willing to sit around our house for 3 hours, we're willing to go find something to do. This time, I hope it's shopping!

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Sheryl said...

How exciting! YAY for the family!!