Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

The great movie "A Christmas Story" is taking place in our home this season. Roman is a true boy, getting very fascinated with guns. He makes up guns - popcorn guns, bow and arrow guns (I think a crossbow, although how he knows what that is I'm not sure). His friend Jake at preschool informed me that Santa doesn't make guns, which I was relieved to hear. I told Roman this, and his reply was, "but my Santa does."

Yesterday we were shopping at Meijer and went down the toy weapon aisle (not deliberately). Roman's eyes latched onto one particular package and he grew very excited. "I want THAT for my birthday!" was the cry. Behold! A toy M-16 rifle, nicknamed "The Peacemaker." When you pull the trigger, it shakes and makes great popping sounds. But not so great for a 3-year-old. I just said "We'll put it on the list" and rolled along. I suggested to Doug that just like the commercials, one day we're going to have an 18-year-old Roman sit us down and explain to us why he wants to join the Army.

Santa came to preschool today and we were asked if there was anything we wanted Santa to mention. I wrote, "tell Roman that Santa doesn't make guns." Sure enough, Roman reported this afternoon that that's what Santa told him. But everything Roman has asked Santa for (he's seen him twice now), is nothing that anyone has bought him. I even tried to have Santa suggest Thomas trains, and Roman asked for battery-operated ones (I don't want to get into buying those kind myself, although gifts are fine). So now the dilemma - do we not get him anything he's asked for, and hope that he doesn't notice? Or do we risk the "Oh... but I wanted...(fill in the blank)" and not show appreciation for what he does get?

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Nicole said...

Better that he sits you down to discuss why he WANTS to join rather than him announcing at dinner that he DID join - just ask Paul's mom.