Friday, December 15, 2006

Surprise! Open House!

Our realtor called Doug today and announced that he had found someone to staff an Open House for us this Sunday, 1-4pm. "Holy crap!" I said, a few times, when Doug told me. There was so much we were going to do over Xmas break, that is being done today and tomorrow.

So... after Roman went to bed tonight (second night in a row of being the sweetest boy ever), I grabbed the paint and touched up the kitchen and spots in the living and hallway where Doug had plugged up holes. Also took down the stereo in the dining room. Doug stripped and re-caulked the tub tonight, so no baths or showers tomorrow!

Luckily, Roman can go play at church from noon-4pm tomorrow, so we'll have time to do other things. Still lots of touch-up painting in the basement, at least 2 trips to the storage unit, and more fun in the bathroom.

In other news, I am progressing through whatever illness has hit me this week. Losing my voice, which was fun at school today. We found a small flashlight and checked Roman's throat out - it was really red and very swollen. But when we ask him, he says his throat doesn't hurt. When Doug put him to bed tonight, he asked in a different way - "Roman, does the back of your mouth hurt?" "Oh, yes" came the reply. "Is that why you've had trouble falling asleep?" "Yes, Daddy." Oh man, we feel bad. So just as usual, Roman is sick right at the same time I am... can't tell me that boy doesn't have allergies.

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